Lolita McKenzie is the sole Owner of Organizers Weekly, LLC. Organizers Weekly was established in 2012 to assist consumers with organizing their environment while adding a splash of personality along the way. As we de-clutter your space, we will also improve the charm, function and character per your specifications.
With a background in Project/Program Manager for over 15 years, Lolita possesses additional organizational, leadership and management skills that are easily transferred into the organization arena. These skills have allowed her the ability to think out of the box, which is needed when assessing various spaces for both organization and design.
In this slide show, you will see Lolita's personal home organization and how she keeps everything de-cluttered and organized. Be inspired!
Lolita and her husband Ronald are both proud citizens of the DFW community and have been for years. Lolita was born and raised in the DFW area where she attended high school at the Business and Management Center and College at CCCC and American Institute of Commerce. Her husband Ronald was born in Tyler, Texas and has done some extensive travel with his career as an executive for major IT companies. Their 3 sons who are all young men now, each graduated from Allen high school and played for the illustrious Allen Eagles! Their oldest son has gone on to work for a prestigious insurance company as an insurance agent who enjoys interacting with a wide variety of people each day. Their middle son made an admirable decision to join the US Air Force, where he is now stationed in the beautiful Fairbanks Alaska. And last but not least, their youngest son, who recently graduated from high school, has decided to attend college in Collin County for a few years until he decides what his career path will be. Whenever possible, the family likes to get together and enjoy each other’s time playing board games, dancing and shopping!
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