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Organization & Design of: Closets/Dressers/Armoires
Bedrooms & Children's rooms
Kitchens including cabinets and pantries
Home Office & Living spaces
Maintenance of: Closets
Home Office
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Our Competitive Edge: Organizers Weekly offers its’ organizational services not only to individual home owners and renters but also through real-estate companies to customers who need immediate assistance preparing their homes for sale. We will happily come back to each customer’s home on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to ensure that their initial organizational setup is still in presentable order for viewing purposes and will do so until their home either sells or services are no longer required by the realtor or owner. These services are also available to customers who are not selling their homes but simple would like to have their space organized and maintained.
Organizers Weekly, LLC is a unique organization company located in Allen, TX., servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. We have over 10 years of experience and are a member the following: (MBE) Minority Business Enterprise
Allen Ladies Association McKinney Ladies Association Home Advisor PRO Girlfriend's Network; Professional Women's Organization
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We are committed to personal, fresh, inspiring service.